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The Y By Yusef - Brushes, clips, combs and hair care tools for human kind.  Professionally inspired and black owned.

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    The Y is a hair democracy and its influential founder and creator Yusef, is an image-maker of the first order— influencing street, editorial and runway styles behind the scenes through his work on A-list celebrities and fashion editorials. Now, The Y by Yusef makes its unique approach and it’s accessories available to everyone, everywhere. This is hair with street cred.

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    Join Yusef, a legend in the business and a master at creating unique, unforgettable editorial looks, for a series of intimate sessions where he shares some of his go to tricks for cutting and styling hair, step-by-step weaving and wig techniques and answers your questions on the business of hair.

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    The Y

    The Y

    THE Y BY YUSEF takes an old idea to a new, refreshed, and some might say radical, new level: one for all haircare.

    Curly, wavy, straight or kinky The Y has the tools you need to make your hair look its best.

    Brush & Bottle Set

    Brush & Bottle Set

    This trio of thermal styling brushes and the continuous mist spray bottle are three “must have” tools to enhance your creativity and your craft! 


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